Tameside Council mark 100th anniversary of the start of The First World War


The Poppy has been chosen as the emblem for a Tameside council project to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World war.

The project will reflect on the 1914-18 confilict. It will look at how the towns and villages whch make up Tameside were effected and how the effects are still being felt today 100 years on.

It will also strengthen Tameside's links with its servicemen and women, veterans and support groups.

Tameside Cultural Services are planning to involve individuals and community organisations in sharing the heritage of the First World war.

Poppies will be planted at Cheetham's Park,Stalybridge,complementing the events taking place there. Schools and community groups will be invited to join in the planting and to draw up a heritage trail showing where the poppies can be viewed. There will be a range of cultural activities including theatre, literarure, music dance and film.