Ashton parking regulations returned to their pre-november 2018 status


PARKING regulations in Ashton are to be returned to their pre-November, 2018, status.

A motion to go back to a system of limited waiting, allowing an hour's free parking with no return within two hours (8am to 6pm), was unanimously approved by Tameside Councils Speakers Panel (Planning) on September 4.

The decision was made following a public consultation which demonstrated a clear desire from traders and residents for the former scheme to be reinstated. The operation will come into effect on Friday, September 13.

A Tameside Council spokesperson said: "We've listened to and considered all the feedback from the consultation and are happy the original regulated parking scheme will best meet the needs of those who live, work and visit the town centre.

"The proposal to return to regulated parking was supported by residents and traders. It will allow a regular turnover of vehicles during optimum times for shoppers and businesses while letting residents park unimpeded in the evenings and through the night."

Supporting a strong economy is a key priority for Tameside Council which is committed to keeping its town centres busy, lively and appealing. Changes effected in 2014 mean the borough has the lowest council tariff for long-stay parking in Greater Manchester and one of the cheapest for short-stay town-centre parking.

The lower charges were introduced to support the local economy and make Tameside even more attractive and affordable for shoppers.