Im not afraid of spiders Im petrified

Guide Bridge Youth Theatre presents

I'm not afraid of spiders; I'm petrified

After becoming separated from their group leaders during a weekend in Wales, the children of Guide Bridge Youth Theatre find themselves in a forest clearing home to some unusual, and not entirely welcoming, woodland creatures.  With no sign of their leaders, or even an emergency helicopter, the children settle into their new surroundings and as they come to understand the creatures lifestyle they soon begin to see the effects their time there is having on the plants and wildlife.

When rescue finally comes, the children are happy to be returning home but now the forest is dying and the creatures way of life has been badly affected.  Full of regret, the children decide to do whatever they can to help and make changes, but what can city children do from hundreds of miles away and how can they do it?  Or is it too late for the beautiful forest and its inhabitants?

About Guide Bridge Youth Theatre

Jackie and Sue have been busy welcoming new members to the Youth Theatre whilst working with all the children over the winter honing their skills on improvisation and characterisation in preparation for a new production called Im Not Scared of Spiders; Im Petrified  We have some great young characters who love to showcase their skills especially when working in groups with their co-stars in the improvised drama sessions held each Monday at the Theatre.

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