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An innovative buddy project has been created to support individuals with long term conditions to attend community and social activities.

Two experienced doctors have been appointed as joint chairs of NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

In a first for the organisation, Dr Asad Ali and Dr Ashwin Ramachandra were elected as co-chairs at its meeting on Wednesday, 22 May, and will commence the role from 1 June.

HOMES in Greater Manchester are being offered an exclusive green energy deal, backed by renewable electricity generated in the North West of England.

RESIDENTS who have not renewed their postal vote signature for more than five years are being urged to provide a fresh signature.
Every year, Tameside Council is legally required to write to all absent voters, either postal or proxy, whose signatures are more than five years old on January 31, asking them to provide a fresh signature.
Forms for the signature renewal were sent out on January 24 and reminders are now being sent to those who have not yet responded.
If you receive one of these reminder forms then please ensure you return it as soon as possible using the pre-paid envelope. If no fresh signature, capable of being scanned, is received by March 7 then you will lose your current entitlement to vote by post.
If you have a disability which means you cannot provide a signature or sign in a consistent way, please contact us for advice and we should be able to help.
The requirement is to reduce the possibility of electoral fraud. When you are sent a postal vote for an election, you are required to provide your signature and date of birth on a postal voting statement. These are checked against those you provide on your postal vote application form to ensure your vote cannot be used by someone else. An important part of these security measures is providing a fresh signature every five years as signatures and circumstances can change over time.
For more information, call 0161 342 3036.

ORGANISATIONS came together in Tameside and Glossop to share how services are being transformed to put people first and improve lives.

RECYCLE for Greater Manchester has teamed up with Tameside Council to launch an informative festive recycling campaign for residents. People in Tameside are being encouraged to ‘Feel Good’ by recycling all their aerosols, glass and plastic bottles and put them in their mixed recycling bin. In addition, they are being reminded to ‘Recycle Responsibly’ and remember to put all their glass and plastic bottles from their festive drinks in the mixed recycling.

Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission* and Tameside and Glossop ICFT have signed the NHS Smokefree Pledge, committing to helping staff and patients alike quit smoking while ensuring that its sites are smokefree.

Potential adopters had the opportunity to find out more about the process over a quick chat at a local event.

Tameside Council has joined Rochdale, Stockport, and Trafford Councils in becoming a partner in the shared procurement service, STAR Procurement.

Tameside residents are being warned not to lose their voice on matters that affect them by completing their annual canvass form and returning it to Tameside Council as soon as possible.

A drop-in information day has been organised in Tameside for people with both vision and hearing loss

THE vast majority of food businesses in Tameside are rated satisfactory, good or very good by the people who protect your plate.

TAMESIDE residents are being given advice and equipment to protect them from fraudsters.

DEMENTIA Action Week finished on a high note in Tameside as renowned musicians concluded an effective campaign.

PLANS to improve access to Intermediate Care are progressing after pledges made to address concerns were fulfilled.

Ex-service personnel and current Armed Forces members are being urged to let their GP know of their service to their country.

NEW cycle stands and shelters are being installed across Tameside in a bid to boost journeys by bike.

Tameside Council led a multi-agency approach to disrupt individuals illegally dumping waste in the area.


Tameside Council led a multi-agency approach to disrupt individuals illegally dumping waste in the area.

NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (T&G CCG) in partnership with Tameside Council are reminding people in Tameside and Glossop where to access expert medical treatment during the extended Easter bank holiday (Friday 30 March – Monday 2 April 2018).

A report has been released calling for action to tackle air pollution in Tameside.


TAMESIDE people are being urged to look out for three simple signs which may indicate a child or young person is suffering abuse or neglect.

WOMEN in Tameside and Glossop aged over 70 are being urged to check for signs of breast cancer to help halt the disease. 


NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has made a decision on the way we deliver and improve access to Intermediate Care following extensive consultation.


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