Seven year old from Denton swims for Barnardos

Seven year old Siena Oxby from Denton decided to take her love for swimming to the next level by completing 120 lengths and is raise money for Barnardos
Despite years of swimming lessons, Siena will be under increased pressure as official challenge rules say she won’t be allowed to touch the sides or let her feet touch the floor for the entire 20 lengths and will have to tread water whenever she needs a well-deserved drink.
Her mum Toni Oxby said: “Her brother George swam 5k for Barnardo’s last year, and when she saw him do that she wanted to have a go herself. As well as raising money for Barnardos chidlren’s charity. Siena will be tackling the epic swim in memory of her gran who passed away in 2011.
Siena’s grandmother, Teresa Veritiero, grew up begging on the streets of Italy, and the Oxby family think if a charity like Barnardo’s had been around at the time, she would have had a healthier start to life.
Toni, Siena's mother, 39, said: “My mother grew up in Italy in a very poor area and had to beg on the streets. She also lost her parents at a very young age.
“She came to the UK when she was in her twenties, and met my father here. But she was only 64 when she died, and we think things could have been different if she had a better childhood and some help out of poverty.”
Toni is also training for the London marathon and thinks that showing her children some things take hard work and you can’t quit when it gets hard, has played a big part in encouraging Siena and George to take on the challenges.
She added: “I think she sees me training for the marathon, and that way of thinking then rubs off on her, as well as George. It tells them that you sometimes have to work hard to get where you want.”
To donote to the charity swim log onto:

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