Ex- Royal Marine parodies Moneysupermarket advert

Ex-Royal Marine Neil Lindsay, who served 10 years in the Royal Marines, and now works at the Ladysmith Shopping Centre in Ashton strutted past startled shoppers in Ashton  in a pair of heels and hot pants in aid of Comic Relief.
A colleague at the shopping centre commented that he looked like the man in the Pussycat Dolls soundtracked moneysupermaket.com  advert, so he decided to make a video for Comic relief.
The video, which was shot by Greater Manchester-based Fraggell Productions,has been viewed over 4,600 times on you tube.
Neil, has worked at the shopping centre for six months and lives in Whitefield with girlfriend Cobie, said: “The advert has been out for a while and a girl at work said I looked a bit like the guy in it.
“I said ‘why not parody it?’ thinking it would never happen but all of a sudden it just gathered momentum.
“A lady donated the size 10 shoes, I hadn’t actually tried them on until the day of filming and ended up falling over a couple of times.
“It’s quite weird watching myself but it’s all in good fun and I don’t mind having a laugh at myself.
“I try and have a laugh every single day".