Homeless Staffordshire Bull Terrier Murphy loves a good book

A Staffordshire bull terrier has been amazing staff at the Dogs’ Trust rehoming center in Denton.
lately with his bizarre and adorable new hobby. It seems that the friendly pup just cannot get enough of being read to. From crime novels to sci-fi to fiction, Murphy instantly relaxes when staff crack open a good book.
Having only ever had one owner before entering the shelter several years ago, staff believe that cheeky Murphy’s love of literature stems from the fact that it reminds him of having a proper home. Lesley O’Donoghue, who works as Deputy Manager at the shelter said: “He loved the companionship and he immediately relaxed. We now read to him outside when the weather’s good and he particularly loves going to the staff accommodation and settling down with a treat whilst he enjoys a story.
 “It seems to really remind him of being in a loving, cosy home. Luckily he’s not fussy about the subject matter, his smile just gets wider and wider whatever the story.” Occasionally Murphy spends the night at the home of one of the shelter’s ‘canine carers’ which he also enjoys; staff say that even small things which remind him of his home, such as the sound of the washing machine, make him happy and excitable. Hopefully this cheeky chap will find a forever home very soon!
Find out about adopting Murphy, call Dogs’ Trust on 0300 3030 292.

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