Puppy saved by brave grandmother needs a forever home

A brave grandmother bravely stepped in to save a puppy in rock-filled bag from being drowned in the Rochdale Canal.
The owners planned to bundle the starved seven-month-old pup into the water after they decided she was no longer needed, but Grandmother Audrey Stansfield stepped in to save the day. She has now been reunited with the puppy called Stella at Tameside Animal Shelter.
Audrey was walking her own Jack Russell dogs when she saw youths standing on the canal bank at the Rochdale canal at Newbold with the scared animal and a bag full of rocks. they were offering to sell the skinny seven-month-old boxer/mastiff crossbreed for £30.
On approach, they told her they had come across its owners preparing to launch the dog off the canal inside the bag ‘because she was no longer wanted’. The gang persuaded the owners to leave Stella with them and then set about trying to sell her for £30 to anyone who would take her. Experts think it likely she would have been destined for fighting, breeding  or eventually the canal.
Audrey acted quickly, attaching her spare lead to Stella and walking her away, the gang followed her shouting at her to pay them but Audrey just kept on going until she got to her car and drove away.
As soon as she got home, Audrey contacted Harvey’s Army , a charity which scans dogs and finds them homes, who sent out a volunteer to scan the pooch, no tag was found so she was taken to Tameside Animal Shelter, where she’s safe and well.
Steven Robinson-Perry, 21, a volunteer at Tameside Animal Shelter in Hyde, said: “Stella is fine now but only thanks to Audrey.
“We do get a lot of dogs dumped in different situations but it’s very rare to hear of an attempted drowning. It is absolutely shocking.
“If Audrey hadn’t stepped in the dog would either have ended up drowned or sold to goodness knows who and probably ended up being used for fighting or breeding.
“Audrey deserves all credit, what she did was amazing.”
Stella now needs an owner. Ring the shelter on 0161 368 3511

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