Tameside vet takes work home with him

When Tameside vet Richard Rawling started working at the new Dogs Trust Manchester Rehoming Centre in Denton, he hadn’t banked on taking his work home with him.
However that is exactly what happened when he met four-year-old Saint Bernard, Henley. Richard couldn’t resist adopting the giant hound.
Richard explained: “I have had a cat for several years and, although I love dogs, particularly large breeds, I have never owned one.
“It hadn’t crossed my mind that I might see a dog during the course of the working day that I would want to re-home, but when I met Henley there was just something about him.
“Then, when he met my partner Anna for the first time, he just sat in front of her to be stroked, so that was it.
“We spoke to the centre manager, went through the re-homing process, and a week later we were able to take him home.”
Henley is settling in happily to his new home and Richard added: “Nothing phases him! He loves a belly rub and rests one of his giant paws on your shoulder to make sure you get just the right spot!
“Other than shaking his head and slobbering up the walls as soon as he steps inside the house after a walk, he has no bad habits.