Lavender Ribbon Cancer Support group take holistic approach

Lavender Ribbon Cancer Support, based in the centre of Ashton on Market Street takes an holistic approach.
 Their philospohy is to support the body and the mind together, taking a whole person or holistic approach and care about those we work with and support.
A spokesperson said:
" We help people to do everything possible to live with cancer in a way that means they can optimise their quality of life and we assist them to do all they can to achieve the best outcome possible. We build on those services provided by the NHS and other organisations.
 As a charity we rely on the generosity of people like you to provide the vital funding needed to help the people of Tameside and beyond to have the best possible chance to improve their cancer outcome."
They have an on site Bistro, Juice Bar and Clinic local people can make a donation, undertake a sponsored event, arrange a fundraising event or simply call in to the Bistro (All profits from the Bistro go to supporting local cancer patients.)